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Do You Know Someone Like This?

Someone shared with me this picture. As a Project Manager, do you agree or disagree? Share ...

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project stakeholders

Pleasing Your Project Stakeholders

Pleasing stakeholders, the people with a vested interest in the outcome of a project, is ...

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Communications Management (Practical Project Management Series)

This is a ‘blog’ article by Lex van der Heijden regarding practical Project Management. For ...

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Integrating Quality Plan Requirements into Your Timeline

In many projects I have the honor of working as a PMC and System Integrator ...

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Career Advice

Digital Project Manager

New Study: 75% of Digital PM Jobs Require Industry Technical Skills

Today we publish an interview with Noel Radley, managing editor and researcher at online project management ...

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Discover How Much You Are Worth as a UK Project Manager…

Have you ever wondered which kind of project managers earn the most? Or the least? ...

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“Dad, What is Project Management?”

“Dad, what is Project Management?”. This was the question my son asked me tonight. It ...

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5 Ways to Stand Out as a Project Manager – Key #5: SHINE

0:00 all right so there’s some cards on my back you can grab one on your ...

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