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Change Management.

Hi Everone, I was trying to explaining on my previous article. It was about the ...

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Time vs. Quality in Projects

As PMs and PMPs, I am sure you have dealt with this issue before.  To ...

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iStock_000001804423Small business man

Potential Project Disaster – A Disengaged Sponsor

Project disasters often start at the top – with the project sponsor. Sponsors rarely set ...

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Increasing Virtual Teams Effectiveness

In today’s environment, personnel are scattered globally making virtual teams a fact of business life. ...

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Career Advice


“Dad, What is Project Management?”

“Dad, what is Project Management?”. This was the question my son asked me tonight. It ...

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5 Ways to Stand Out as a Project Manager – Key #5: SHINE

0:00 all right so there’s some cards on my back you can grab one on your ...

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Marathon Project Management

Project Management for PERSONAL Projects!

Project management is many things, but one major thing it does is take a complex ...

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Project Manager Job Description Research

Project Manager Job Description Research Reveals the Keys for Successful PM Careers!

A Project Manager Job Description Research has been delivered revelaing the keys for building a successful ...

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