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PM Superheros and The Attributes They Possess While Delivering an EPC Project!

An EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) project is, like most projects, complicated and multi-faceted.  To ...

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Successful business team

PM Angels: Creating A Team That Rocks!

I was recently sitting in a meeting about small issues in a particular project when ...

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Male Green Iguana

WARNING: Why YOU Should Avoid PMI and PMP Domains?

As we have a lot of readers that are also bloggers, I would like to ...

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Influencing Results: Just Participate!

After checking how the election method we use can determine who wins an election (being ...

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Career Advice


5 Ways to Stand Out as a Project Manager – Key #4: Create a Buzz!

0:02 Key number four: 0:03 Create a buzz!. Now is the time to start to ...

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What I Do - Robert O'Donohue - Project Manager

What I Do as a Project Manager – Robert O’Donohue

Our research on Project Managers Lifestyle goes on and today we have a great testimonial by Robert ...

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Talent Management – Enhancing Chances to Withhold Our Talents

Every company that wants to occupy niches in the market winning its “war” for talent ...

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