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What ‘Manage by Exception’ PRINCE2′s Principle Brings is BRILLIANT. Seriously, Wow.

From all of the seven PRINCE2 principles, one of the most interesting is “Manage by ...

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The Impact of Defaults on Decision Making

Project Management is much about Decision Making. Now you probably consider that defaults (that is, ...

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Evaluate Your Risk Management Strategies

 How can you evaluate the outcomes of risk management strategies When you want to evaluate ...

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Time Management: The Pomodoro Technique

Distractions and interruptions are two of the major productivity killers. If only one member of ...

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Project Management, Fashion or Need? #PMIdeas

This article is part of the #PMIdeas online event promoted by Carlos J. Pampliega. His ...

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In a World Where Everything is a Project, Everyone is a Project Manager

The title of this article was inspired in the Ian Webster’s article contribution to the last ...

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Are You a Project Manager 2.0?

Recently we talked about Project Management 2.0 which is the intensive use of social media ...

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What Are the Best Months for Getting Hired?

Are your looking for Project Managers (as a recruiter) or a new opportunity (as a ...

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