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Project Scope – The Quest for Good Requirements

At the start of a project, together with business and other stakeholders, the project manager must identify the scope of the project. This contains...

Life-cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) / Life Cycle Costing (LCC)

 Overview To improve the cost-effectiveness of its building and renovation programs, companies must invest in designs and systems with improved long-term performance. The Guidelines for...

Stakeholders – Who Are They and Why Do You Need Them?

At start of a project it’s from utmost importance that a project manager finds out which results are expected and which requirements have to...


EVM: Time and Cost Control for Ship Repair Projects

This article will focus on how to control in a ship repair project the time and cost during execution using the Earned Value Management...

The 3 Blades Propeller of Knowledge for Shipyard Project Managers

Nowadays the Shipyard Project Manager should be an integral professional. Technical knowledge is not enough to manage a project, it is necessary to have...

Risk Management for Ship Repair Projects

Why Risk Management practices are not commonly used in Ship Repair Projects? Risk management is becoming indispensable for any project. If you don’t identify...

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project practitioner

Demand Overtakes Supply on Project Practitioners!

How does one retain project practitioners in a company when the demand is overtaking the supply on project practitioners? As per Project Management Talent Gap...
project management leadership

Project Management Leadership • A Quick Guide

Project management leadership is one of the most used words in the professional world. In projects - that's where I'm coming from - leadership...
project-team-charter-cross-cultural teams

The Project Team Charter Applied to Cross-Cultural Project Teams

Context                                              ...


ISO 21500

Expanding Horizons in Project Management with ISO 21500

Over the numerous projects that we are involved in our professional careers, we all experience situations which make us reflect on decisions, business opportunities,...

ISO 21500 to Start Your Project Management Career

To use and follow a project management standard nowadays is very important, because you need to have some guidance and understand how to manage...

ISO 21500 in the Maritime Industry

A few days ago I came across to participate in the Workshop of the ISO 21500, which has been coached by Mr. Angel Berniz of...


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