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About Us

What is ProjectManagers.Org?

ProjectManagers.Org is The #1 Project Management Community, founded in 2012 by volunteers worldwide.

In 2015 ProjectManagers.Org joined the IIEC Digital Campus, by the US-based International Institute of Executive Careers (IIEC).

ProjectManagers.Org is now the de facto the global professional body for the Project Manager’s profession. Nowadays, ProjectManagers.Org is run by thousands of volunteers all around the world, that contribute by joining our Chapters.

Our mission:
“Create a movement positively impacting project management professionals around the world through education, inspiration, and empowerment.”
Our vision:
“Be the #1 crowd-learning movement for Project Managers. Build successful Project Managers who change the world”

Our Organization

ProjectManagers.Org organization is based on a Professional Learning Community (PLC) career development approach, sharing Ethical Principles and a Code of Ethics worldwide.

We have local Chapters for meeting peers, and also international cross Special Interest Groups (SIGs) for staying connected with your PM peers, learn from experience, and improve your career opportunities.

The Learning Community Manifesto

Decalogue of Principles

ProjectManagers.Org is based on the following 10 principles:

1- Horizontal (Cross-Industry Learning): we are not linked to a particular industry or sector (that is, we are not only about IT) but are concerned with project management and transformation in all industries.

2- Independent (This is Only about People): we are just a crowd-learning initiative. We are not linked to any specific Project Management framework or lobbying interests. The Professional Learning Community (PLC) three words explain the concept: “Professionals coming together in a Community to Learn.”

3- Global (We See World as One): we are not linked to a specific geography, we promote easy international exchange of experiences.

4- English as the driving language (English for Business): due to the previous point, we will share our knowledge in English so that all members can worldwide learn from the experience of others.

5- Focus on continuing education (Long Life Learning): the very essence of this learning community is a focus on and a commitment to the learning along the career. Members work together to clarify exactly what they must learn, monitor learning on a timely basis, provide systematic interventions that ensure they receive additional time and support for learning when they struggle, and extend and enrich learning when they have already mastered the intended outcomes. Therefore, structures are created to ensure members engage in job-embedded learning as part of their routine work practices.

6- Collaborative culture with a focus on equality of opportunity (Learning for All): collaboration is a means to an end, not the end itself. In our PLC, collaboration represents a systematic process in which members work together interdependently in order to impact their professional practice in ways that will lead to better results for their careers, for their team, and for their company.

7- Collective inquiry into current reality (Best Practice): members in our PLC engage in collective inquiry into both Best Practices in executing and Best Practices in learning. Working together to build shared knowledge on the best way to achieve goals and meet the needs of clients is exactly what professionals in any field are expected to do. Members of our professional learning community are expected to work and learn together.

8- Action orientation (Learning by Doing): members of our PLC are action oriented: they move quickly to turn aspirations into action and visions into reality. They understand that the most powerful learning always occurs in a context of taking action, and they value engagement and experience as the most effective learning experience.

9- Commitment to continuous improvement (Lessons Learned): the goal is not simply to learn a new strategy, but instead to create conditions for an ‘ongoing learning cycle’ environment in which innovation and experimentation are viewed not as tasks to be accomplished or projects to be completed but as ways of conducting day-to-day business—forever. Furthermore, participation in this process is not reserved for those designated as leaders; rather, it is a responsibility of every member of the organization.

10- Results orientation (We Get Results!): finally, members of our PLC realize that all of their efforts in these areas (a focus on long life learning, collaborative teams, collective inquiry, action orientation, and continuous improvement) must be assessed on the basis of results rather than intentions. The reason for building this learning organization is based in the premise that our organization will produce dramatically improved and measurable results.

Our Community Services

The services provided to the Community are:

· the ProjectManagers.Org Career Builder coaching platform that provides Project Managers with the ideas, insights and tools they need to become better leaders and change the world!

· a global Project Managers Registry (Registered PM)

· the profession’s PM Awards of the Year

· professional connections to Consulting and Recruiting services

· professional connections to Educational/Training/Coaching services

· professional connections to Career Planning/Transition/Development and Outplacement services

· professional search and selection

· job recommendations

· job opportunities

Learning & Certification Opportunities

ProjectManagers.Org provides online Project Management Coaching Programs and Career Certification, accredited by the International Institute of Executive Careers (IIEC).

We invite you to join the community that supports your career, in whatever way you feel is appropriate (learner, reader, fan, follower, supporter,community member, registered professional, writer, partner, recruiter/headhunter, etc.).

Welcome to ProjectManagers.Org

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