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Scrum is the most restrictive method of scrum, kanban and scrumban. Scrum is a constrained process where tasks are assigned to each team member (all tasks might be bounded by deadlines), while Kanban and Scrumban uses pull technique. Scrum works well for large projects, because work is organized in sprints (usually 1-4 weeks) which are planned by all scrum team members. After one sprint ends, new sprint is planned, therefore the board is reset for each sprint. Unlike the other two methodologies Scrum has predefined roles like Scrum master, product owner and developer team. Scrum teams are cross-functional and tracks their workflow using burndown charts and have daily meetings where each member defines the current situation of his work. Larger
enterprises, with larger projects usually use scrum to achieve effectiveness in a working process.

Explaining Scrum in less than 120 seconds

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