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The Best PMP Exam Preparation Book.

A way of meassure the success of ProjectManagers.Org is that we are receiving a lot of books for reviewing. Today’s book is “PMP Project Management Professional Exam” by Henrique Moura, published by Mc Graw Hill Education.

I studied my PMP exam years ago with Rita Mulcahy book: PMP Exam Prep. At that time, it was the most complete book for taking the PMP Exam. But things have changed since then.

Currently PMP is not only present at business environments, but also in education. New books are required more focus in practice, guiding you step-by-step how to succeed in your PMP exam preparation.

This new book, “PMP Project Management Professional Exam” by Henrique Moura, is the best book I’ve ever seen for taking the PMP exam. I highly recommend it for the following reasons:

  1. It is a serious piece of content, very complete, very instructional, and very easy to follow.
  2. it contains a full complete PMP exam paper (200 questions)
  3. It includes 300 additional test-like practice questions.
  4. It contains dozens of review exercices covering all project management Knowledge Areas (KAs).
  5. It has clear explanations for all exercises and practice questions.
  6. It includes practical examples that show project management processes in the everyday workplace.

This book is available at

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