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Building Your Reputation as a Project Manager

As Project Managers, we know that our projects are always temporary. That means, periodically, that we need to get a new assignment. Our employability will depend on our background built in base of our past experience and reputation.

Nowadays in a digital world, the Internet brings us the possibility to immortalize our professional successes in such a ways that these merits can be considered in our future professional assignments.

In our next assignment, it is very likely that our recruiter or client will check on the Internet before hiring us. Therefore, we need to pay special attention to what is the Internet is saying about us and also try to influence it.

This concept is called Personal Branding. The idea is to leave a permanent professional register trace about your career which is about our real professional achievements – so that others can find and know it.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that Internet would be the only media for projecting our personal brand, because we could be at risk for becoming a virtual person without essence and not the real one that we really are.

Professional communities such as ProjectManagers.Org, personal blogs, social networks (LinkedIn), are great channels for leaving our digital trace about our personal brand based on our professional merits and capabilities.

But in leaving our digital trace we need to be coherent and demonstrate our integrity. If we want to build our personal brand as a Project Manager, it is better to concentrate all our messages only on this, and for example not to share in Twitter messages about personal political views.

Also when participating in discussion groups, we need to demonstrate our professionalism because I see many times people fighting because they think they know the truth and that others are wrong.

Everything we do through these channels (good or bad) will be our personal brand, so it is better to keep all this in mind before you start writing on the Internet about anything.

When building our Reputation as a Project Manager though this digital channel, there are also some risks. As previously mentioned, we need to pay attention to not becoming only a virtual individual, completely outside of the real world where we are. Because this is not Second Life where one can invent who you want to be and build your own brand based on your imagination or fantasies. This is the real world that provides us useful channels to let testimony of our real experiences and help us to keep working as Project Managers.

So if we work hard on our real projects and at the same time we write articles at ProjectManagers.Org for sharing our experience and lessons learned, or ask for recommendations or endorsements for our LinkedIn profile to the stakeholders of our successful projects, will be building our reputation as a Project Manager.

Link together the dots over your career and show your professional capabilities, competences and real value.

What are you doing for building your reputation as a Project Manager?

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