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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Project Managers

The 7 habits of highly effective Project Managers covered in this article will help you to focus in what it really matters for getting great results. A Project Manager should have each of the following 7 habits to be a Highly Effective professional:

Focus on stakeholders

the correct identification of the Stakeholders at the early stages of a project will be critical for the Project Manager. He needs to know who is responsible for accepting the deliverables, who is responsible to accept changes in the project, who is critical to achieve the time schedules, who could be a show stopper, etc. Then, a Stakeholder Management Plan will be necessary to conduct everyone according to the project needs.

Focus on specifications (and reporting)

a Project Manager must document all the specifications required for building the project deliverables (according to quality terms) and include the concurrent reporting requirements.

Focus on estimates (and schedule)

a Project Manager must correctly guide the estimates of the project.  These estimates will be critical for calculating the project Costs and Schedule.

Focus on accounting

a Project Manager must control budget along with the percentage of project completion. He must keep a detailed accounting registry (including hours dedicated, estimates to complete and acceptances achieved).

Focus on team leading

a Project Manager must be a Team Builder and Team Leader. He must help his team members to develop their skills and improve results through coaching and counseling.

Focus on risk mitigation (conflicts and tactical decisions)

A Project Manager is responsible for managing risks and problems during the whole project. For this purpose it is possible he will have to manage conflicts of interests (with suppliers, with clients, with team members, with partners, etc.). This ability to manage difficult situations will reflect the leading capabilities of the Project Manager. It will be very important to make tactical decisions to conduct these situations and achieve successful results in his project.

Focus on project acceptance

it is critical for a Project Manager to get written acceptance for all deliveries of the project. It is not enough to have a good opinion from the Client and one’s own performance. Sometimes Clients become too paternal with Project Managers, and they get used to having them near. But a Project Manager must deliver a project, complete it correctly, get acceptance, finish and leave.This is a critical ability for a Project Manager to effectively complete each phase and achieve the project results on costs, quality and time vectors.

In summary, all our Project Managers need deep into these key abilities for doing their profession successfully. I hope to count on all your participation to work in these 7 management keys for High Effective Project Managers.

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