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Robotics Professional Certification

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Robotics Certification Training Course Guide.

Robotics Certification: FREE Online Courses & Training


A Robotics Certification helps to grow your career. Here you can find out how to get your Robotics Certification.

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What is Robotics and Why You Should Take Your Robotics Certification?

Robotics technology is a building discipline that incorporates the plan, outline, creation and activity of robots. This teach covers with hardware, data innovation, man-made consciousness, mechatronics, nanotechnology and bioengineering.

A robot is a programmable mechanical gadget that can perform assignments and speak with the air without human connection. Apply autonomy can be the science behind the appearance, creation and utilization of robots.

The robot term was made in 1921 by the Czech play author Karel Capek. He composed an amusement called “Universal Robots of Rossum”. In this film, an amusement about the slave composes and flexibility battles of human like workers is composed. The slanted word robota implies “lofty altitude” freely.

Apply autonomy was first utilized as a part of 1941 by well known sci-fi author Isaac Asimov . Story Asimov proposed three ideas to direct the conduct of robots and keen machines. Guidelines Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics,there are presently making due in its present frame:

  1. Robots ought to never hurt individuals.
  2. Robots ought to take after guidelines from people without abusing standard 1.
  3. Robots ought to secure themselves without disregarding different guidelines.

Robotics Technology

One of the most innovative robotic companies are KUKA and ABB Robotics. Following you can learn about their robotics technology:

The world's first truly collaborative robot - YuMi

Robotics Certification & Career Demand

Robotics technology certification and career demand are high with exponential development ( according to IT Jobs Tracking ). 

Certified Robotics Professional Salary

The pay rates of Certified Robotics experts are high on the grounds that there is an absence of experts with an automated testament around there.

Certified Robotics Professional Job Description

The following Certified Robotics Professional and Robotics Project Manager job description for a work opportunity was distributed in ABB:

ABB is presently delegating a Task Administrator to join the Robotics technology group at our Milton Keynes office.

Do you need a dynamic and testing chance to work with a worldwide apply autonomy arrangement pioneer? Do you have an entrepreneurial identity and would you say you are testing conventional programmed frameworks to get vitality? Provided that this is true, this is for you …

As a major aspect of the ABB Next Level Methodology, ABB is searching for skilled specialists and venture administrators with enthusiasm for robotization foundation and coordinations frameworks. You will be a piece of a quickly developing worldwide group physically introduced in Milton Keynes, which is in charge of making and exhibiting imaginative apply autonomy answers for ABB’s world pioneer in distribution center and coordinations computerization.

With your solid specialized aptitude, you can straightforwardly take part in the improvement of future item portfolios and arrangements. With automated innovation, you are attempting to make new techniques to enhance profitability, effectiveness and security. You will work with clients to discover winning mechanization answers for enhance their business.

Role Outline

It is in accordance with the ABC strategy, legally binding understandings, quality norms, wellbeing, security and natural necessities, monetary objectives, and mechanical autonomy Operations Director 1 Apply autonomy Project Manager, spearheading the execution of medium measured tasks and every single related action. .

Oversee related records of the undertaking, viable adaptation control, customer archive exchanges, successful contracts for authoritative understandings and all venture reports, request data and exercises gained from the task.



It coordinates the venture group alloted to the undertaking, recognizes the principle rules, designates venture errands and inspires and screens inner and outside assets to accomplish all assignments and points of reference. Gives execution criticism on allotted assets dealing with ventures.

Planning and scheduling

Together with the degree supervisor, it characterizes all venture design records including extension and money related plans, program and hazard administration designs.

Project execution and control

The task guarantees that the official takes after its accepted procedures and ABB arrangements. It adequately screens and controls venture advance and proficient asset use. Screens and manages venture fund by observing the undertaking financing circumstance, cost, use and income. It distinguishes, measures, evaluates and oversees venture hazards and guarantees that all open doors are recognized and followed. It catches, dissects and shares exercises learned all through the venture. It ensures that the task is authoritatively shut as concurred by the agreement. The official acknowledgment of the undertaking will enable the agreement to be shut and endorsed by the customer.

Contract, claim and supply management

It guarantees that the proce-dure applies legally binding and cases administration reliably as per ABB arrangements and authoritative understandings. Coordination with Store network Administration and guaranteeing the important administrations effectively. Requires: Materials and hardware for ventures from outside and building residential providers. Production network Administration bolster in provider transactions, demands and undertaking changes.

Stakeholder relationships

It fills in as an acceleration point for essential correspondence and venture issues for the client. It sets up and keeps up solid associations with inside and outer partners and discusses successfully with all partners.

Health, wellbeing and condition (HSE)

The ABB Gathering of Organizations guarantees that the venture is in accordance with organization wellbeing, security and ecological approaches.

Recommendation and record administration: Oversees venture proposition and related archives.

Give proper form control in the report administration framework. It guarantees that the task documentation fits in with organization strategy including group, receipt, enrollment, number, recording, recuperation and fare of archives.

Challenges you will face

  • Convey every single authoritative duty for the venture constantly, on time and inside spending plan.
  • Take care to guarantee that all ABB approaches, quality guidelines and HSE prerequisites are met.
  • Propel and rouse the venture group.

Position connections

  • The principle correspondence purpose of the clients amid venture execution
  • ABB and its subcontractor staff deal with the undertaking group
  • Deals Association for Deals and Deals Administration for venture exchange
  • Reports to PG Administrator



  • Experienced task supervisor with 5 to 10 years involvement in complex/specialized activities in a perfect world inside Computerization/Robotics technology. Automated Affirmation is additionally required.
  • Ground-breaking facilitator, mediator and inspiration
  • Fearless and ready to settle on choices under strain
  • Brilliant verbal and composed relational abilities
  • Present and present to clients at all levels
  • Inventive reasoning and issue solver
  • Sheltered and moral authority state of mind


  • Building foundation
  • Surely understood PM declaration
  • Great learning about PM and arranging apparatuses

Robotics Startups

The robotics universe is exceptionally wide for organizations that contend in this market to spread over a wide region with numerous specializations. The robotics universe is wide.

The robotics market is exceptionally powerful. As of late, Google has gained around 10 robot organizations.

Robotics Wiki

Active movement

A development delivered by an individual, not by methods for a robot, but rather by putting it on a mechanical autonomy (eg outside skeleton) made by the client.


It’s a sort of engine that makes movement in a robot.


Essentially, a scientific recipe utilized as a part of a PC program to direct the conduct of a robot program.


In a position that is certifiably not an immediate human information.

Brain-Computer Interface (BCI)

An apparatus that permits a roboticin to comprehend it by ascertaining cerebrum action, without moving to comprehend its driver. This is inside the focal sensory system (obtrusive: for instance, to enable a prosthetic arm to be controlled by the mind) or to get motions by embeddings cathodes (non-intrusive: eg, overseeing computer games).


A durable robot is “soft” somehow, so it can inactively acclimate to outside unsettling influences (for instance, a snag that can not be anticipated while progressing), and in the meantime can discuss safely with people. 

Impedance control

Robots and individuals are especially valuable in building robots for physiotherapists inside NCCR impedance control as an instrument for getting together and picking up position, speed and quickening; The patient understood that the robot would get them in light of the fact that the speed is drastically boosting the robot’s development. 

Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)

An instrument comprising of accelerometers and gyrators is regularly used to quantify the speeding up and rakish speed (turn sum) on the robot. 

Kalman filter

A recipe for route and course arranging in robots. Thick channels are unique in relation to other control strategies since they are refreshed after some time.

Model Predictive Control (MPC)

A sort of model (numerical condition) speaking to the nearness of a robot in a framework is a framework with numerous obstructions that can change positions. MPCs foresee conduct changes, or maybe a robot, when an unforeseen contribution (for instance, somebody running the way of a robot) becomes possibly the most important factor.


A gadget (eg, an outer skeleton) that is joined to the outside of your body to assist anybody with spinal string wounds or loss of motion, for instance when you are still or fit for moving. Orthoses are regularly utilized as a part of treatment to enable patients to rebuild muscle capacities.

Passive Movement

The robots create a removable mechanical (eg, exoskeleton) movement, not by the pack pioneer, over it.

Prosthesis: It is worn by somebody who has removal to change the presence of a missing appendage and/or its motivation.


A sensor is an electro-mechanical gadget that changes the jolt specifically into an imperative data that the robot can control. For instance, a camera can be the same counterfeit eye. Numerous sensors deliver powerless pictures, so an apply autonomy may not perceive what it is previously, and just a general perspective of something that it knows about must be evaded while moving. 


If the robot realizes what sort of climate it has, for instance, if your robot strolls on a harsh surface, you should think about where to put your feet to avert it tumbling down.


Essentially, a way to deal with acquiring a favored weight/torque by controlling the movements of the actuator.


It’s a flying robot that resembles a helicopter, utilizing four arrangements of pushers to lift itself off the ground.


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