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Toyota Production System Course

toyota production system

Today I share with you the Toyota Production System. To learn more about what is the Toyota Production System, continue on!


What is the Toyota Production System?

The Konnyaku Stone is a little however essential device utilized as a part of the Toyota Creation Framework, where it is utilized to smooth body boards before they are painted and to kill modest imperfections.

Known as the ‘devil’s tongue’ and the span of a clench hand, the Konnyaku stone isn’t really a stone by any means – actually, it’s made of a blend of fine dirty resins.

When the stone is brushed over the metal surface, any little raised flaws or residue imprints will be knocked off or smoothed out. The significance of a totally smooth board is unbelievably imperative, especially additionally down the generation line, for example, in the paint shop.

Before each board can be taken into the weld shop (the following stage in the creation procedure), a Toyota part needs to sign it.

Factory to Forecourt - Press Shop

Key Concepts About the Toyota Production Systems

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