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I’m Excited :) Can You Keep Me a Secret? #PMFlashBlog

Something VERY powerful is happening on September the 25th. The first ever #PMFlashBlog. Don’t tell anyone 😉

Exactly the following day to The Project Management Day (September the 24th), it will take place the #PMFlashBlog (September the 25th). An initiative by Shim Marom, that will join the most relevant and influential PM Bloggers in the world. The great PM infographer and blogger Henny Portman has contributed by building the worldwide PM Bloggers map that will participate in this amazing event!. angelberniz will write representing the community.

Based on the flashmob concept, at the #PMFlashBlog all the PM Bloggers will write on the same topic “What does project management mean to me? A Project Manager’s sermon.” Giving their own perspectives about the same topic. All the articles will be published at exactly 01:00 hours GMT on September 25th, 2013.

I invite you to follow this ever made amazing PM event! …Ooook, you can tell it to your mates!

See you at the #PMFlashBlog

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