Executive Programs

ProjectManagers.Org IIEC Executive Programs are fast and practical Project Manager’s skills mastery programs.

These flexible online course programs will enable you to master a subject in depth — ideal for developing your career. Learn with our leading international professional communities, and you will earn your IIEC Executive Program Certificate accredited by the US-based International Institute of Executive Careers™ (IIEC).

How IIEC Global Executive Programs work


The IIEC Global Executive Programs are focused to get a full view of a discipline. In order to get this certificate you need to complete 10 courses with their certifications.

You can complete our IIEC Global Executive Program in Project Management (by taking 10 of our courses available at ProjectManagers.Org), or you can also complete our IIEC Global Executive Program in Service Management (we have 6 courses on Service Management available for you at ServiceManagers.Org).

How IIEC Advanced Executive Programs work


In case you are interested in going an step further or getting an specialization, there’s a further step in our programs: the IIEC Advanced Executive Program in Project Management (or in any specialty you want). This is a “final project” program assignment about writing an Strategic Plan for Project Management (or the specialty you want to master). It’s about organizing and defining the next 4 years of a PMO or complete company about their project management activities. You must define Strategic Principles, then based on those define Strategic Objectives, and finally define your Action Lines. For this Final Assignment, you will get the assistance and tuition from the renowned Angel Berniz Team of Experts.