Project Human Resource Management

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Project Human Resource Management based on ISO 21500. Project Human Resource Management in ISO 21500, the International Standard for Project Management, is one important difference between PMBOK and ISO 21500.

In PMBOK 5th edition, chapter 9 is dedicated to “Project Human Resource Management”. The focus in this chapter is on human beings as resources, that is, it only covers people.

On the other hand, the ISO 21500 with regards to Resource subject group states:

“The resource subject group includes the processes required to ensure the project has adequate human resources, materials, facilities, infrastructure and other resources to achieve the project objectives”

So, the ISO 21500 with regards to Project Human Resource Management opens the knowledge area from PMBOK to cover not only human resource management but also materials, facilities, infrastructures and other resources.

In fact, this is a good point because these other resources are critical in any project and many times they are not related to Procurement Management processes. So now, ISO 21500 helps the Project Managers to take into account the overall resource requirements for their projects.

What’s your opinion about the new Resource approach instead of Project Human Resource Management?

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