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Project Management Communication Based on ISO 21500

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Project Management Communication based on ISO 21500. Project Management communication is covered in the ISO 21500 International Standard for Project Management. As we explained before, the ISO 21500 for its Subject Groups used the structure of Knowledge Areas of PMBOK.

PMBOK uses singular terms for each of its Knowledge Areas: Cost Management (not costs), Risk Management (not risks), Human Resource Management (not resources), Stakeholder (not stakeholders). But there is one exception: Communications Management.

Communications Management is the only PMBOK knowledge area in plural.

In ISO 21500 Project Management the process “Plan Communications” remains plural, but not the “Manage Communication” process.

But the most important detail here is that in the ISO 21500 Project Management international standard, the process group for communications now is in singular: Project Management Communication.

ISO 21500 Project Management makes no exceptions to its nomenclature, what makes it easier to remember exactly the correct name for each of the subject groups.

Do you like this new nomenclature without exceptions?

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