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Project Management Based on ISO 21500 Standard

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Project Management based on ISO 21500 standard.

Trying to manage a project without ‘Project Management‘ is like trying to play a football game without a ‘game plan’. – K. Tate.

Today we are going to discuss the concept of ‘Project Management’ that provides us with the ISO 21500 Guide for Project Management. Please share your comments! 🙂

ISO 21500 defines Project Management as:

the application of methods, tools, techniques and competencies to a project. Project Management includes the integration of the various phases of the project life cycle (…). Project Management is accomplished through processes.

From this definition, we can highlight the following facts:

Methods, tools, techniques and competencies

Project Management requires applying methods, tools and techniques that usually are provided by a PMO (Project Management Office) to the organization. Companies can have their own PMO or hire it (PMO as a Service), but having it is a basic requirement for managing projects in a homogeneus manner thoughout the organization. These methods, techniques and tools may be based on PM methods like PRINCE2, PROPS and others.

Also the organization’s people need to gain competencies on Project Management, though educational actions also directed by their PMO and conducted probably by external aid.

Integration of phases of the Project Lifecycle

ISO 21500 divides processes into five Process Groups. These Process Groups define the Project Lifecycle:

  • Initiating
  • Planning
  • Implementing
  • Controlling
  • Closing

Take into account that each of these phases of the Project can be managed as a Project itself, each one being driven for all the Project Lifecycle. Each phase of the Project Lifecycle has an output of specific deliverables. Those deliverables should accomplish/fulfill the objectives/requirements based on constraints such as Scope, Quality, Schedule and Time (previously agreed with the sponsor, customer and other stakeholders).

Acomplished through Processes

Project Management is based on Processes. This means that it is a framework built upon processes that need to be integrated in a systemic view. This means that in each project the Project Manager (PM) should select from the standard framework a specific set of processes for his project, but those processes should match between them as a management system.

ISO 21500 offers a standard framework of 40 processes to help accomplish any project requirements.

What’s your opinion about the Project Management concept within ISO 21500?

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