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Gemba Walk

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Today I share with you the Gemba Walk definition, which is a key concept of Kaizen. I hope you enjoy it, continue on!


Insanity is doing likewise again and again and expecting distinctive outcomes. From such a point of view, the greater part of the contemporary chiefs appear to be insane.

Why? Since you can’t expect distinctive outcomes from your group by sitting in your corner office and just going to KPI gatherings. Rather, you have to see where the genuine work happens. You have to do Gemba walks.

The Gemba walk is a fundamental piece of the Lean management philosophy. Its underlying design is to enable chiefs and pioneers to watch the real work process, draw in with representatives, pick up learning about the work procedure and investigate open doors for constant improvement.

Let’s investigate the Gemba walk in detail.

What Is a Gemba Walk?

The term “gemba” originates from Japanese and it signifies “the genuine place”. In Lean administration, “gemba” is the most imperative place for a group as it is where the genuine work happens.

Quite basic, for musical gangs the “gemba” is the chronicle studio. For Equation 1 groups the “gemba” is wherever the auto is. For producers it’s the manufacturing plant floor et cetera. As it were, it is the place the genuine work happens, so you can watch and examine it.

The Gemba walk is an idea created by Taiichi Ohno, who is regularly viewed as the dad of Just-in-time production.

By growing such an idea, Ohno offers a genuine open door for officials to leave their every day schedule, see where the genuine work happens and fabricate associations with specialists in light of shared trust.

There are 3 essential components of this lean assembling tool:

  1. Go and see. The primary thought of the Gemba walk is directors and pioneers on each level to take customary walks around the shop floor and to be engaged with finding inefficient activities.
  2. Ask why. The primary target of a Gemba walk is to investigate the esteem stream in points of interest and find its hazardous parts through dynamic correspondence. The great pioneer is constantly anxious to listen instead of talk. Here is the reason you may utilize diverse strategies such as 5 whys in request to distinguish tricky parts of the process.
  3. Respect the people. Have as a top priority that a Gemba walk is definitely not a “manager walk”. Pointing fingers and faulting individuals is precisely what you don’t need to do. You are not there to judge and audit comes about. You are there to work together with the group and discover issues together. Attempt to center around finding the frail spots of the procedure, not of the people.

7 Stages to Take after When You Go to Gemba

Before you walk the shop floor, you have to make an arrangement and take after the means. The arrangement ought to rely upon your objectives and objectives.

Sometimes it might be unstructured, for instance, on the off chance that you are new to the association, while in different cases your arrangement will be significantly more exact in light of the fact that you will be more acquainted with the points of interest. Regardless, be set up for the Gemba walk. Else, it will be inefficient.

Now, how about we characterize some fundamental steps.

  1. Pick a theme. When you go to Gemba, you need to pick a subject. This will enable you to concentrate every one of your endeavors and be viable. There are distinctive subjects you may need investigate, for example, profitability, cost proficiency, security and so on. Keeping in mind the end goal to be however much exact as could reasonably be expected, you will likewise need to set up a rundown of question you are going to ask.
  2. Prepare your team. The group that will be watched ought to be set up for what will happen. All colleagues need a reasonable understanding that the Gemba walk is a typical procedure where the last goal is continuous improvement. Along these lines laborers will feel considerably more agreeable and willing to collaborate.
  3. Focus on process, not on people. You have to recollect that a Gemba walk isn’t the perfect time for assessing the execution of your group. The principle design is to watch, comprehend and enhance the procedure. On the off chance that you center around individuals’ close to home capacities, you will just face a resistance.
  4. Be where the esteem stream is. Following the esteem chain will give you the best chances to recognize regions with a high capability of waste exercises. Wiping out those exercises will enable you to enhance the general performance.
  5. Record your perceptions. Try not to make recommendations amid the walk. Record everything that catches your eye or even record it with your cell phone. At times, you will most likely be enticed to offer an answer promptly, however this would not be right. Leave the examination for some other time. You will be substantially more exact after you have every one of the actualities accessible. Besides, the wide diagram can offer you chances to utilize powerful critical thinking instruments such as PDCA cycle. Much superior to a moment gut feeling.
  6. An additional combine of eyes. It might be a smart thought to welcome a partner from another division. Somebody with entirely unexpected day by day errands. Individuals who are less comfortable with the procedures more often than not have a new perspective and make diverse inquiries that you may never ask.
  7. Follow-up. Regardless of whether you don’t discover anything noteworthy amid your Gemba walk, you have to impart to the group what you have realized or seen. Something else, the group will just have the sentiment of being viewed. On the off chance that you will take activities after the walk, advise the group about the up and coming changes and why they are necessary.

Gemba Walk Checklist

Every time when you perform a Gemba walk, you need to prepare a checklist in advance. This list will help you focus and target your efforts.

The checklist has to include questions that will help you understand the process you are going to observe in a better way. Your questions may vary depending on the theme of your Gemba walk.

Here are some basic Gemba walk checklist questions:

  • What are you currently working on?
  • Is there an established process for this type of work?
  • Do you have any problems with the established process?
  • Why is there a problem?
  • How can you fix the problem?
  • What do you do to recognize the root cause of the problem?
  • Who do you speak with if there is a certain problem?

These inquiries will concede while investigating diverse regions, for example, critical thinking, development, assets, apparatuses and so on. So before you go Gemba, set up your agenda painstakingly in view of the territory you need to investigate.

Post-Gemba Walk

Before you take any activities in light of your Gemba walk perceptions, you will require some an opportunity to compose your considerations and notes.

Feedback is essential, yet early input might destroy. Here is the reason you have to take a seat with the authority group and painstakingly examine the situation.

You can even welcome a portion of the specialists who you’ve watched. For instance, the ones who gave you the most quick information.

Use every one of the information that you gathered as a major aspect of your consistent change process, otherwise called as a Gemba Kaizen circle.

It is a gathering held after each Gemba walk that may incorporate a couple of members from various departments.

The principle reason for existing is to have however many distinctive perspectives as could be allowed so as to settle on the best choice. A choice that will really bring improvement.

It is essential to circumvent the shop floor and gather clever data about what should be made strides. Nonetheless, what makes a difference most is to return where you started.

A post-Gemba walk shuts the circle and shows regard to the general population that have been watched. This will make it considerably simpler to lead an effective Gemba walk in the future.

In Conclussion

Performing Gemba walks all the time can offer some noteworthy focal points like:

  • Building stable associations with the individuals who really take the necessary steps and make value.
  • Identifying issues and taking activities for accomplishing nonstop change much faster.
  • Clearly conveying objectives and goals prompting expanded representative engagement.

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