Management 3.0 Career – Your Future Is Here! (Agile Business Management)


What is Management 3.0?

Management 3.0 is a book by Jurgen Appelo (Netherlands), a workshop, and an approach to inspire team members, team leaders, development managers, IT directors, project managers, Agile coaches, and HR managers, who face the challenge of transforming their organizations to an Agile mindset. It does that by providing guidance and practices, and by applying new thinking to the craft, art, and science of management.

Management 3.0 Book

Why Management 3.0?

Management 1.0 was simply about ‘doing the wrong thing’, by treating people like cogs in a system.

Management 2.0 was about ‘doing the right thing in the wrong way’, with good intentions but old-fashioned top-down hierarchical initiatives.

Management 3.0 is really the future of management, which is all about ‘doing the right thing’ for your team, involving everyone in improving the system and fostering employee engagement.

Management 3.0

Management 3.0 Workshop

Management 3.0 Practical Cases

In the above workshop by Jurgen Appelo (author of Management 3.0) you can find in the minute 29 the following dashboard:

Management 3.0 dashboard

As a real practical case, you can see here a practical case of applying these Management 3.0 concepts (by Josep Antoni Pérez Frias):

Management 3.0 Josep Antoni at Mango

Management 3.0 Career - Your Future Is Here! • Join Us! »
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Management 3.0 Career - Your Future Is Here! • Join Us! »
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