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Shipbuilding: What You Need to Know


Shipbuilding: what you need to know.

Ship Yard

The organization for or in relation to shipbuilding, conversion, maintenance & reconstruction using yard facilities, personnel and equipment as an entity performing the work inside the dry dock, on berth, at anchorage area.

AIDAprima Cruise Ship : Full Construction Time-lapse by MKtimelapse


Any person, ship owner, ship management or ship operator who has agreed to the work with the yard in accordance with a shipbuilding or ship repair contract.

Customer/Owner Representative

a party or parties duly authorized by the customer to act on behalf of the customer, with whom the shipbuilding and repair yard may consult at all reasonable times and whose instructions, requests, and decisions are issued.


Any ship, barge, rig or other marine craft which is to be subject of work.

Customer Staff/Ship Crew

The party or parties responsible for the operation of customer equipment.

Ship Repair Project Managers Guide

Customer/Ship Project Specification

A technical description of the work used as a basis for preparation of shipbuilding and repair tender.

Shipbuilding or Ship Repair Tender

A quotation covering price, time, and terms to carry out work of shipbuilding and repair as described in the customer’s specification.

Shipbuilding or Ship Repair Work

All shipbuilding and repair tasks to be performed by the yard in accordance with customer specifications, including all changes of scope as agreed with a customer representative.

Ship Project

Any contracted work between the yard and customer for performance of ship building, ship repair, conversion, docking, and related services.

Work Specification

A technical description of work as described in the customer’s specification with reservation, exclusions, conditions, and remarks introduced by the tender and agreed according to the contract.

Yard Representative/Ship Repair Manager

the party or parties nominated by the yard to liaise between customer representative and yard for leading, coordinating, and managing the performance of specific projects is generally identified as the ship repair manager.

Yard Safety Rules

A set of safety rules and procedures based on international standards, local government rules, and common practices, binding to the customer and compulsory to the yard.


The classification society bureau, whose rules and regulations will be applicable to a contract.

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