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Planview Enterprise PPM Tool Review – Project Management Software (27/50 points)

Planview software for Project Management is covered in this review. Since 1989 Planview is one of the few solutions that have managed to stay on the market. For a long time was considered one of the leaders in PPM tools, and even today holds a prominent position in annual reports from leading analysts. In late 2013 the company was acquired by investment fund Insight Venture Partners, which has generated some concern regarding the fund plans for the product.

Planview project management software options

Planview is available on Premise and Cloud mode, although in this latter case can’t speak of a pure SaaS solution. As cloud platform they use VMware vCloud ® Hybrid ™ Service.

Following is our analysis from ProjectManagers.Org:

Time to market (1 point)

It is a very expensive solution to install and configure. The estimated time to install on-premise is a week, and the project implementation may last one year, depending on the complexity.

Customization/Flexibility (2 points)

It is a solution oriented to the IT Department Management and new product development in companies of medium or large size.

Usability (3 points)

Planview is a solution that has grown over time and that’s something you notice from one module to another, from the point of view of appearance and architecture.

Managing Projects (4 points) 

Planview Project Management allows a fairly complete form. It’s possible to manage deadlines and tasks, resources, costs and risks

Managing Programmes & Portfolios (4 points)

Planview focuses its Portfolio Management for IT. Allows prioritization of ideas and demands, and alignment with the strategic plan through the module reports Analytics Insights.

Finantial Dashboards (3 points)

Planview Enterprise provides capabilities for budgeting, forecasting, and tracking costs and benefits.

PMO Dashboards (3 points)

Reports by using Insights Analytics module

Analysis Tools (4 points)

It has a complete resource management module to manage the operative capacity of the company. The Gantt chart allows the identification of critical tasks through Critical Path Method

Agile Ready (2 points)

Planview Enterprise does not have its own Agile Management module. Available solely for integration with Rally Software ® to manage and display the progress of all types of work (Agile or Waterfall)

TCO (1 points)

According to the cost of software licenses, the necessary infrastructure, installation & implementation services and maintenance required, makes Planview Enterprise solution not suitable it for all companies.

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