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Artemis 7 PPM – Project Management Software Review

Artemis 7 software for Project Management was developed by Artemis International Solutions Corporation, which has its headquarters in Austin (Texas). Artemis was founded in 1976 in Britain, from where it spread to five continents. In 2005, the company became part of Versata group until today.

It is a tool that works 100% web-based. Appears in 2003 as a solutions for manage their projects organizations through programs and portfolios, with the main objective to maximize the profitability of their investments.

Following is our analysis from ProjectManagers.Org:  


1. Time to Market

The estimated project implementation time varies depending on the complexity of the client’s processes and customizations that this requires, but could be estimated three months to a deployment of medium complexity.

Our rating: 6 points (of a total of 10 points)

2. Customization/Flexibility

It’s has a good safety management Module, as well as role like life cycle project. Also offers a Software Development Kit that allows the construction of panels and plugins maintaining 100% integration with standard panels solution. Java programming skills and training required in the SDK itself.

Our rating: 6 points (of a total of 10 points)

3. Usability

Artemis 7 has not changed practically anything over time it looks and feels really similar, giving it an antique look but easily recognizable for users. The navigation is sometimes too cumbersome and confusing for the uninitiated.

Our rating: 6 points (of a total of 10 points)

4. Managing Projects

Artemis 7 has a fairly complete project management module. Includes management of deadlines and tasks, resources, costs, risks, issues and milestones. It has a simple Gantt covering the basic needs of any project manager and integration with Microsoft Project ® to provide more advanced features.

Our rating: 8 points (of a total of 10 points)

5. Managing Programmes & Portfolios

It allows the establishment of a ranking of projects to define the priority of the projects within the portfolio. Also available is the Executive Views module for different graphic histogram type and Bubble.

Our rating: 6 points (of a total of 10 points)

6. Financial Dashboards

Artemis7 provides capabilities for budgeting, forecasting, and tracking costs and benefits.

Our rating: 6 points (of a total of 10 points)

7. PMO Dashboards

Capacity planning reports and costs through the Executive Views module and reports in MS Excel developed specifically made for each customer is required to provide in the PMO of a person with advanced knowledge of SQL and data model Artemis7.

Our rating: 6 points (of a total of 10 points)

8. Drill-down Analysis

It has a resource requirements module from project to different departments where resources are allocated, being able to define the workflow of the procedure. You may also display loads of resources from their departments and from projects we are working. The Gantt chart allows the identification of critical tasks through Critical Path Method.

Our rating: 8 points (of a total of 10 points)

9. Agile Ready

Artemis7. Does not have a module that allows an Agile project management.

Our rating: 2 points (of a total of 10 points)

10. TCO

It is not an expensive solution if we compare it with other on-premise solutions in terms of the licenses, neither is difficult to implement. Nevertheless, have the costs associated with any such solution: servers, maintenance, migration, licensing application servers and database.

Our rating: 4 points (of a total of 10 points)

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