Stakeholder Management Based on ISO 21500

Stakeholder management is a subject group included in the ISO 21500 International Project Management Standard.

What is project stakeholder management?

The stakeholder management subject group includes the processes required to identify and manage the project sponsor, customers and other stakeholders.

Stakeholder management initiating processes

Identify stakeholders

Identify stakeholders is the first process in stakeholder management.

Stakeholder management planning processes

There is not any stakeholder management processes in the Project Planning phase, according to ISO 21500 project management standard.

Stakeholder management implementing processes

Manage stakeholders

Manage stakeholders is the second Stakeholder management process. It is performed in the implementing phase of a project.

Stakeholder management controlling processes

There aren’t project stakeholder management in the controlling phase of a project, according to ISO 21500 international project management standard.

Stakeholder management closing processes

Again, there isn’t any stakeholder management process in the closing phase of a project.