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Scrumban Tutorial

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Scrumban uses mixed techniques of both methodologies: Scrum and Kanban. It combines basic features of Scrum and flexibility of Kanban.

Scrumban has a slightly constrained process where prioritization is optional, but it is recommended during each planning and planning is done by Kaizen events. Scrumban uses planning on demand principle to fill the backlog and tasks are assigned only by the pull system like in Kanban. Also, just like in Kanban, the board stays persistent, while only the tasks and their priorities change. In Scrumban the work is usually focused more on planning than releasing, while in Scrum planning is done after each sprint, Scrumbans planning is done only on demand. This method is mostly used for fast-paced process like startups or projects which require continuous product manufacturing, where the environment is dynamic.

Transforming Teams to Kanban and Scrumban