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What is a Project Manager (PM)

The profession of Project Manager can have a wide range of specific categories: Profesional Project Manager, Project Leader, Change Manager, Team Leader, etc.

There is a slight difference between a standard Project Managers (PM) and a Project Director (PD). We could say that a PD is “a dedicated PM”, for one or more projects, connected or not (this is what separates a PD from a PgM).

A Project Manager (PM) is a mixed role between technical and managerial, more concerned with one single project, being the driver of the overall project phases.

A Project Director (PD) is an independent industry profession, very concerned with achieving successful executive projects and programme results in any field, situation and industry.

Following this we compare the traditional PM skills with the strategic PD skills for business success:


The key is that every project must be aligned with something bigger than itself. Each project is linked to some enterprise goal, objective, or strategy. 

A deep understanding of this matter is key for all the decisions that need to made along in the project. Project Managers with their global view can correctly drive these vital project decisions to the right Results.

In summary, PM is the professional person that can perform many different roles (see aforementioned categories) with a large variety of employment opportunities.

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