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Marine Traffic: The Definitive Guide

marine traffic

Shipyard MOOC Training Course Guide.

Each business, organization or factory requires different designers, builders, suppliers, operators, service providers & services after sales.

Marine traffic organization is not concluded on shipping only but it includes:

All of the above-mentioned organizations are connected to each other and the marine traffic is formatting from all of it.

If any organization is not working well it will effect on the rest and accordingly it will influence the marine traffic business.

Hereby I identify in summary the above-mentioned organizations as follow:

Shipbuilding yard

It is the special place on shore near to the sea, this place used for construct & build the ships & any others floating unites.

It is consist of different departments such as steel construction, hull outfits, piping, electricals, mechanical, blasting & painting, machining, QA/QC, HSSE, design, production control, procurement, warehouse, and mold loft.

New building process starting from receiving the ship design specification form the ship owners and accordingly shipyard will start the new building from the releasing of materials purchase orders, hull fabrication, outfits & machinery installation until ship delivers to ship owners.

The shipbuilding is the first step in the marine traffic world.

Ship owners

Any person, ship owner who has agreed to the work with the yard in accordance with a shipbuilding or ship repair contract.

After owner takes his decision for building a new ship, the ship designers will proceed to create the design according to ship owner specification request such as ship type, length, width, draft, speed, type of cargo, the weight of cargo, preferable engines & equipment makers.

The new design will forward to the classification society for reviewing and approve it.

Owner will forward the final approved design to the shipbuilding yard for processing the building activities as explained earlier.

The shipowner is the main partner in the marine traffic business.

Ship management

It is an independent company for managing the shipowner ships and ensure that the ships are operated safely, in good condition, good environment and according to the international maritime rules & regulations.

Also, it is responsible for repairing & drydocking the ship in order to keep it in the marine traffic in good condition.

Ship Repair Project Managers Guide

Ship agent

Any person, ship agent who is responsible for cargo & shipment handling, customs clearances for entering & departing the ship to/ from ship ports or drydocks, helping ship crew on shore.

The ship agent it can be considered as the helper in the marine traffic course.

Ship ports

It is the place on the sea the side used for ship loading & unloading the cargos, it is occupied with all equipment & facilities required for loading & unloading the cargos processes.

The ship port is the main shipping points & destinations in the marine traffic chart.

Ship chandler

Any person, ship chandler who is responsible for supplying the provisions, materials, spare parts & equipment to the ships.

Ship chandler is the dealer in marine traffic shipment.

Ship repair yard

It is the special place on shore near to the seaside for entering the ships to the drydocks for repair & maintenance of ship equipment.

Periodically owner entering the ships to the ship repair yards for checking & inspect the main hull & tank conditions, carry out the repair of the main propulsion system & steering gears, this is for ensuring that the ship is working in the marine traffic in good conditions.



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