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Project Management Around the World – Europe #PMFlashBlog

This article is part of an amazing event that it is taking place all around the PM world: the second #pmFlashBlog. We also participated in the first event and now the topic is “Project Management Around the World”, where we are going to cover how is Project Management applied in our location. In this case, Europe.

 Europe has been always a big impulsor of Project Management. The oldest first ever institute for Project Management was establish in Europe (before PMI): the International Project Management Association (IPMA), currently based in Switzerland, established in 1965.

As Europeans, we are characterized by seeing things in a wider spectrum. At some locations of the planet, Project Managemet is some times seen as only PMI. Here things are different. Of course, PMI is a big player (and we support them), but there are also many more important players. We think that a wider offering makes it reacher and more interesting (we can compare between them and choose good things fron each of them). For example when it comes to PM organizations, we see the following wide spectrum:

Nowadays the biggest European Project Management congresses are organized by Stamford Global. They organize two submits: the Nordic Project Zone summit (on November in Copenhagen, Denmark) and the Project Zone Congress (on April in Frankfurt, Germany).


Last November 2013, I had the privilege to be Speaker at the Nordic Project Zone summit at Copenhagen, talking about ISO 21500. It was an amazing experience, with people arrived from all parts of the world. As an example of the current European concerns about Project Management, following you can see the hot topics that were covered in this important European summit:

  • Masterclasses:
    • What is Innovation? – Lemuel Lasher
    • Advanced Project Thinking – Integrating Lean, Constraints Management and Projects. It works! – Harvey Maylor
    • Managing Program Risk – Bryan Barrow
  • Plenary seassons:
    • Opening Keynote: What Is Innovation? – Lemuel Lasher
    • Keynote: How to Deliver Sustainable Results Across the Globe, a UNOPS Case Study – Ricardo Vargas
    • Beyond Budgeting – A Management Model For New Business and People Realities – Bjarte Bogsnes
    • 7 Criterias of High Performing (Agile Project) Teams – Mihaly Nagy
    • Keynote: Focus? What Focus? A Different Take on Strategic Portfolio Management – Harvey Maylor
    • The Power of Intrinsic Motivation – Annemie Ress
    • Closing Keynote: The Shuttle Case – Working at the Limits of Safety. A thought provoking case study of the importance of Leadership derail and communication – Stephen Carver
  • Agile:
    • Scaling Agile to the Enterprise Level – organization and governance around agile in large projects and in large, complex organisations – Steve Messenger
    • Enabling Remote Customer / Team Collaboration in Agile Project Organizations – Thushara Wijewardena
    • Incorporating Agile with Traditional Methods – Annette Vendelbo
    • Interactive Panel Discussion: How to Successfully Implement Agile into Your Business – Thushara Wijewardena, Steve Messenger, Annette Vendelbo
    • Improving Prioritisation and Speed of Delivery – Joshua Arnold
    • Characteristics of an Agile PMO – Steve Messenger
  • Program / Portfolio Management:
    • Communication is Key – How to Maximize Stakeholder Engagement – Anita Vanamo
    • How to Implement Program Management – Paul Francis Walvik-Joynt
    • Interactive Workshop – Bryan Barrow
    • Managing Program Resources – How to Spread your Resources Effectively – Christian Körner
    • Managing your Portfolio Pipeline
    • Using Reviews and Assurance to manage Program and Portfolio Risk – Graham Oakes
  • Project Management / PMO:
    • Resource Management Between Project and Line Organizations – Thomas Schlereth
    • Managing Virtual Teams – Ralf Friedrich
    • ISO 21500 Guide for Project Management – Angel Berniz
    • Stakeholder Relationship Management Maturity (SRMM®): The ROI from investing in building an effective stakeholder management culture – Lynda Bourne
    • The Agile PMO – Leading The Effective, Value Driven Project Management Office – Michael Nir
    • Managing Stakeholders – an Interactive Simulation – Trish Thurley

Europe is a great place for innovation and as you have seen in the above example, this also applies to Project Management. Project Management is evolving very fast, and things are changing every day. New rearches are done and their results incorporated in our knowledge base for improving PM frameworks.

I hope have been able to transmit the current status of Project Management in Europe.

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