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Change Management.

Hi Everyone,

This time I would like write about change management (CM) starting from the scratch. Change Management a strong tool of project management.
Project management brings, speak about the things about the project. Change management leverages them!

We have two main approaches of CM;

1.Incremental Change management.
2.Organizational Change management.

Incremental Change management ; We use this approach on Quality management , NPI – New part Introduction, release a new product , especially production manufacturing industries , mostly tangible environments such as an quality improvement. For example; we have an quality problem on a plastic part on its flimsiness. You would measure and compare the certain parameters on the part to determine that the measured results whether are in the quality tolerances or not. In that case we can use CM incremental approach to improve the part’s quality, make better part in term of to reach costumer’s satisfaction!

We raised our issue, define the scope and crate the awareness, knowledge to coordinate with the all affected departments, stake holders etc.

What about Organizational Change management approach? Can we do it while using same tools, that we used at incremental change management? Certainly not! Here is in that approach quite different than the first incremental approach; think about the first time you have a new task, you considered introducing a significant change in your enterprise with the intention of improving organizational effectiveness. How can we draw tailored a model change, that’s fit to your company’s organization? What are the tools? How can I manage the resistance to change?

That’s where experimental testing comes in. By forcing organizations to clearly articulate their goals and then to rigorously judge their decisions by those metrics, experimental tests can help managers avoid costly mistakes and can open up the consideration of other possible solutions*.

My experiences were a mixture of both; successes and failures. A common theme around project failures was resistance to change.

The Change Management learning center offers the ADKAR model. The models also attempt to answer three fundamental questions. Why do some changes fail, when others succeed? How can we make sense of the many methods and tactics for managing change? How can we lead change successfully, both in our personal lives and professional careers? *.

So, I would like to continue the second part of this article.

See you soon.
Kerem Coban.


  • ADKAR Jeffrey M. Hiatt. (A model Change in business, government and our community).