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Wearable Technology

Wearable technology and devices have a very important place in the construction industry. “Wearable tech items” refer to any item that can be worn on the body that helps provide information to the user through connectivity.

Some examples of this technology might sensors that monitor the worker’s bodies and the surrounding environment to help ensure the safety of the worker.

Additionally, there are wearable smart glasses that can help workers access instruction manuals in a hands-free mode while on the job site. The work instructions have the potential to improve performance and provide details that can help them complete a task.

Workers may also use augmented reality visors that let them know if there is a change in the environment or if there is a possible danger present.

Augmented reality technology has opened the door to other ideas like the DAQRI Smart Helmet which is a wearable device that is used for industrial fabrication. The DAQRI Smart Helmet was designed to help builders, engineers, and designers use 3D recreations of their ideas right on the job site.

5 Futuristic Wearable Tech Inventions

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