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How to Estimate Effortlessly Your Projects

Why is estimating a project so damn hard?

The vast majority of projects go overrun or over-spend to some degree – largely because the Project Team was over optimistic in their estimates as to how long it would take or cost. So, is estimating important for you as a Project Manager?

Believe me, you’re not alone!

That’s why we have built the course and certification program:

>> Project Estimation Professional™ in 10 Days <<

In this FREE Online Course you’ll discover:

-Why project estimation plays a vital role in the planning of any project.

-An advanced strategy that will allow you the estimation of project cost, time, effort and quality act like input for project scheduling and budgeting.

-The exact structure to follow in the domain of the project to initially study carefully for making the right decision in selecting the right methods and tools for a good project estimation.

-All types of estimation methods and estimation tools are critically evaluated and analysed. Therefore, this course are helpful in the selection of good estimation methods and tools for successful project estimation, in order to make a good project planning for a successful project management.

So if you’ve ever wondered: “How can I estimate a project effectively?”

>> This FREE Online Course is for you! <<

Take Action, Get Results!

To your success,

Angel Berniz

Your Career Coach

PS: if you’re interested in becoming a Certified Project Estimation Professional™ (PEP™), you will find a big discount inside this course. Please, share this article with your colleages and friends, so that they can also enjoy this opportunity. Thanks!