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Issue Management (Practical Project Management Series)

Issue Management (Practical Project Management Series). This time the subject is ‘issue management’.

What is an issue actually? In this context an issue is a problem outside your span of control as Project Manager. In most caes you need to discuss the issue with the Steering Committee. Always document issues in the project archieve.

A number of practical tips regarding issues:

  1. The chance is pretty high that the isue will be discussed with people outside the project. This implies that you need to describe the issue in quite some detail, esp. the context, in order to enable people outside the project to understand the issue.
  1. Document explicitly who is the owner of the issue.
  1. Document the date when the issue popped up and when the issue needs to be resolved.
  1. Describe the consequences of the issue.
  1. Describe which actions need to be taken and keep this list up-to-date to enable the stakeholders to see what is going on.
  1. Follow the escalation process as described the eg. the communication management plan.

It is important to note that when you as Project Manager have raised an issue at the Steering Committee, you as Project Manager remain responsible to track and trace the progress. In fact you manage your Steering Committee in this situation.

The next time I’ll describe ‘deliverable management’.

This is a ‘blog’ article by Lex van der Heijden regarding practical Project Management. For questions/remarks I’m available via [email protected] or via LinkedIn (