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Project Management and End-User Involvement

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Project Management and End-User Involvement. There is a really old  joke about how to have simpler and more successful projects.

We all know that to get real buy-in for a new system of any sort you absolutely need to engage your end-users – ‘End-User’ involvement was the cry that went up all the time in pre-project engagements and scoping exercises.

But as soon as you involved end-users life got complicated for project managers particularly; end users were a critical and demanding bunch, and time and effort grew exponentially. They just kept asking questions, wanting to know more and more, and wanted more and more as well!

And so the dark humour was that to ensure a faster sell and a quicker project delivery it was critical to get rid of the ‘hyphen’ – end-user involvement needed to become ‘end user involvement’ i.e. don’t involve them at all!


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What is your best advice for balancing Project Management and End-User Involvement?