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Ship Repair Project Management Process Chart

One of the important things to get success on projects is the application of project management concepts and tools; Ship Repair projects are not the exception to this rule. That’s why I decided to outline the project management processes for Ship Repair projects at Shipyards in order to have a clear view about the vital part of the project management on this kind of projects.

Basis of the Ship Repair Project Management Process Chart (SPPM Process Chart)

This Ship Repair Project Management Process Chart is based on the Rita’s Process Chart[1]. I took the idea from that chart because when I was preparing myself for the PMP exam this chart was very useful for me, even for my real world ship repair projects. A long time ago when a ship repair project was assigned to me I started to look at the Rita’s Process Chart (which I printed and post it on one of my office wall) to realize from the project management perspective what should I do according to the project process group (i.e. Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling and Closing) and tried to follow it in order to understand and practice the use of the project management concept and tools, this make me improve my project management knowledge and apply it to ship repair projects.

Moreover this chart is based on the processes of each knowledge Areas stated on the PMBOK guide – 5th Edition [2].

What is the SPPM Process Chart?

The SPPM Process Chart is a chart to understand the overall project management process in ship repair projects. It contains 5 columns related to the project process groups and its tasks that indicate what needs to be done per process group.

The SPPM Process Chart has been designed for ship repair projects executed in shipyards, but can be used for ship repairs projects afloat, keeping in mind that task on each column that belongs to drydock activities must be skipped.

Most of the tools stated on the processes group’s tasks are explained in detail on the PMBOK guide, some others are related to the company (shipyard) internal procedures.

What is the purpose of the SPPM Process Chart?

The purpose of this chart is to help to understand all of the people involved on Ship Repair Projects what needs to be done and when. Not only the Project Managers needs to understand and follow this chart, Supervisors, Contractors and Production Departments must to understand it as well.


If you are interested to learn more, to print and post it on the wall (As I did) please click on the link below so you can download the Ship Prepair Project Management Process Chart in PDF file.

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[button color=”green” size=”big” link=”” target=”blank” ]Download the Ship Repair PM Process Chart »[/button]



[1] Rita Mulcahy. (2013). Project Management Processes. PMP Exam Prep(p 50). United States: RMC Publications, Inc.

[2] Project Management Institute. (2013). A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK guide) – 5th Edition. Pennsylvania, USA: Project Management Institute, Inc.

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