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ISO 21500 in the Maritime Industry

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ISO 21500 in the Maritime Industry. A few days ago I came across to participate in the Workshop of the ISO 21500, which has been coached by Mr. Angel Berniz of the ProjectManagers.Org and I was surprised of the importance of this ISO 21500 for any kind of organization and company, private or governmental.

I am more involved in the Maritime-Industry and could conclude, that I will use this ISO 21500 also as project manager in our (Maritime) as well as in the wind-energy-industry, where it has got the same importance.

The ISO 21500 is worldwide accepted as standard for the Project Management, but still not very well used, maybe still not known, by Project Managers which has to change as soon as possible, because it brings together the more known ISO 9.001 as quality management, ISO 31.000 risk management and ISO 14.001 environment management to provide a better understanding.

More known are the PMBOK, who provide techniques and tools, the APM Body of knowledge and IPMA, where the similarity to the ISO 21500 is very clear with concepts and processes.

It is known very well, that we still got up to 79% failures by Project Managers, where the risk management and environmental management is still not showing the importance during the scheduling-process, where we have to find the best way, using ISO 21500, cutting the failure-quotes from the beginning.  

Juergen Groth

Dipl.-Ing (FH) 

Hamburg (Germany); the 28th of November 2015

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