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Choosing a Project Management Methodology

Choosing a Project Management Methodology. I’ve seen most of my projects, sometimes project team having difficult times to understand methodology when we use the project methodologies and how do we use in which circumstances. As we all may know there are several tools in the project management and Lean Six Sigma deployment. Sometimes project managers confuse on their project to choice right project methodologies. I would to give little bit practically way and overview about the tools and how we choice under the given circumstances.

First let put in it a decision tree to help determine which project methodology to use:


  1. If you have a problem or/and an opportunity and if there is a known solution. For example; you have an opportunity to implement a new production line for a new engine. Your tools is; Project Management (PMI, Prince2).
  2. If it is a process : you have two options:

a) If it is a new process go to Six Sigma DMADV –Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, Verify.

b) If it is not a new process go to LEAN.

  1. If it is an output ; again two options ;

a) If it is a new output go to DFSS – Design for Six Sigma

b) If it is not a new output go to DMAIC –Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control.

There are five general types of project methodology as following:

  1. Project Management (PMI, Prince2)
  2. Six Sigma (DMADV for a new process)
  3. Lean methodology (existing process)
  4. Six Sigma DFSS (for new output which is not exist before)
  5. Six Sigma (DMAIC  for existing output)

There is an question pop-up in my mind; Why do I have to use Lean Six Sigma methodology, is there any others methodologies?  Yes, off course there are many project methodologies exist in the market. Not every project requires Lean, Six Sigma or PMI.  And when you choice a project methodology is it very difficult to switch to another one!

And now I would like to mention about “Root Cause” as a critical factor to determine which project methodology to use. If the root cause already known “PMI, Prince2”.  If the root cause unknown the next step is determine to Process or Output. If the root cause is unknown as usual most of the projects, we use Lean or/and DMAIC.

I tried to give a little bit idea about the tools selection on the start phase of a Lean Six Sigma Project. I hope that the small article would help your projects.

Best Regards,

Kerem Coban

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