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WARNING: Why YOU Should Avoid PMI and PMP Domains?

WARNING: Why YOU Should Avoid PMI and PMP Domains? As we have a lot of readers that are also bloggers, I would like to warn you about using the “PMI” and “PMP” acronyms in your domains.

As all of you know, there is a non-profit institute that makes a large profit every year and has developed so large amount of copyright terms that people involved in Project Management now can hardly speak.

Sentences like “making pr*ject management indispensable f*r business results” are copyrighted by P-M-I. Very generic sentences and terms that anyone could say (…and NOW, YOU CAN’T). Thanks a lot P-M-I for your contribution to Project Management!

I remember when Harvard tried to register “Less*ns Learned”, another BIG IDEA from an educational institution that “supposedly” promotes knowledge. With organizations like these who are trying to copywrite every word in the dictionary, we need to be very careful before writing, speaking, and almost thinking – lest we anger Big Brother. In any case, at we use the term “Key Lessons” for avoiding these future problems.

Overall, the IMPORTANT information I want to share today is that you should avoid using any domain with the letters “pmi” or “pmp” inside your domain name (and I say letters, not terms – you will understand this by reading ahead). Because, P-M-I’s Legal Department monitors this rigorously on the Internet and will close your website. …this then is their contribution to Project Management!

Many websites have been contacted by them and had been forced to change their domain. Some examples are: to, to, and so on so forth. The point is that when you have built a website and have been ranked high in Google with your Project Management content, a change like this can force you to start over again from scratch.

It’s curious because “pmprepcast” is a term formed by the words “pm” “preparatory” “cast”, so if the copyrighted term is “pr*ject management pr*fessional” (if we were to accept this general expression as something to be copyrighted), this should be not a problem. But again, it seems they interpret that it means “pmp” “reptile” “cast”. In this case, it’s as if you are a reptile trying get certified in project management for which you should pay P-M-I.

*?PM¡ …my most humble apologies, I was tempted to use another P-M-I’s copyrighted term.

Now, I need to stop writing because I am not sure if I am going to use more copyrighted general expressions, terms or even LETTERS!

Happy projects!

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