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divider-3Have you ever thought about writing in a voluntary basis at ProjectManagers.Org?

Now you can make a difference by becoming an author at ProjectManagers.Org. You can be an influencer in our industry. Project Managers need to get inspired. Contribute to this great crowd-learning movement. Sharing your experience with others will accelerate your career growth. Why not to try?

If you are interested in this volunteering opportunity, just send us your first article (drop us an email to [email protected]) and we will help you to publish it in our learning platform.

Important: we only accept original articles never published before.

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Angel Berniz

How to write at ProjectManagers.Org


  • Write freely on any topic on Managing Projects (e.g. stakeholders, specifications, estimates,  accounting, team, risk, acceptance etc.). Correct English language is mandatory. Choose one featured photo for your article at http://search.creativecommons.org (send us the link – we will brand it). Use brilliant blue in pictures (with grey and white as secondary colors). External Links are not permitted in the body of the article, only in your Author Box.
  • Send it to [email protected] with the subject “PM Article” and it will be reviewed by our Editorial Board and published in ProjectManagers.Org very soon. Send us also your Author Box (here you can add a link to your public profile at LinkedIn and also to your company website).
  • Please, don’t send us commercial articles (selling business products or services), this is about knowledge articles (from professionals to professionals). We promote professionals, not companies.
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  • Help us to improve it!” writing basis
  • Earn up to 75 PDUs writing articles in ProjectManagers.Org (see PDU Category Caps)
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