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2016 PM.Org Career Awards

The ProjectManagers.Org Professional Learning Community (PLC) is proud to announce the winners of the most trusted and reputed Career Awards in the profession.

Our ProjectManagers.Org Professional Learning Community (PLC) has been expanding and growing in 2016. We have achieved 64 international contributing authors, and 289 Project Management articles have been already published.

This Collaborative Learning approach has resulted in 7 valuable Free Online Courses with the best of the best content ever published, and their associated Certification Programs.

ProjectManagers.Org continues providing a 100% practice Project Management Lifelong Learning experience: learning by doing, learning from experience, learning from the experts.

ProjectManagers.Org Career Awards are based in the impact achieved in the global Project Management community by active Project Manager contributing authors, that share their knowledge  in a voluntary basis. All their contributions are based in first hand experience, that help their fellows (other ProjectManagers.Org members) to improve their professional competence and advance their careers.

Following you can find the winners of the 2016 ProjectManagers.Org Career Awards:

  • PM Of the Year: Fernando Remolina, for introducing Project Management into the Shipyards industry, contributing to becoming more professional the ship building and ship repair areas.
  • Award for Excellence: Elizabeth Harrin, for leading excellence in project management communications, helping to advance to better meetings, better collaboration, and stakeholder management.
  • Award for Innovation: Cesar Abeid, for expanding Project Management to everyone!
  • Award for Influence: Naomi Caietti, for her advice for women in Project Management.
  • Award for Impact: Alison Wood, for her outstanding marketing materials in Project Management. Just great!
  • Award for Contribution: Danny Vandeweyer, for his year after year great contributions to this community.

Congratulations for all the winners!!

If you are a seasoned Project Manager reading this note, yo can start contributing to the ProjectManagers.Org community by sharing your knowledge and maybe next year you can also become one of these distinguished professionals.