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Project Management for SMEs Book Review

Some weeks ago we received the “Project Management for SMEs” by Gren Gale, available at Amazon in two flavors:

After reading it, I can say that this is an small BIG book on Project Management.

This is not the typical book where the author has based his book in a project management framework. I read many project management books, and usually they are based directly in the PMBOK famework, but this one is different. This one is based in the author’s practical experience and thorefore this one is unique.

The author, Gren Gale, has a very interesting project management education: Prince2 Practitioner and Professional Scrum Manager. This background makes also special this book.

Of course, Gren Gale bases his book in standards and best practices, but he does in a way that it provides practical and actionable value because he provides you and horizontal perspective of the project management discipline, providing you with the best techniques and tools for succeeding in project management as a Small and Medium company.

For example, I’ve found that in the Project Management Documentation (page 83, and 124) this book suggests using the RAID tool, which I heard for first time some years ago when I intervied to Robert Vandenverg on the RADI (Risks, Assumptions, Decisions, and Issues) tracking tool. A webinar that you can find in the Project Risk Professional free coaching program. This is a great tool, no matter if it is included or not in the ‘average’ frameworks.

The author joins also the waterfall and agile project management worlds, providing ou with a unique one-global project management approach for getting the best results.

Here you can find the table of contents of this book:

  1. Introducting Projects
    • Why do you need this book?
    • A salute tale
    • So, what’s a ‘project’?
  2. How to Deliver Projects
    • The project delivery process
    • Business Case
    • Start-up
    • Analysis
    • Design
    • Build
    • Test
    • Implement
    • Agile vs Waterfall
  3. Project Governance
    • Governance
    • Risk and Issue Management
    • Change Control
    • Quality
    • Portfolio Management
  4. Soft Skills
    • Communication
    • People Management
    • Crisis Management
  5. Conclusion
    1. There’s always an “and finally”
    2. Document Layouts
    3. Glossary
    4. Index

In conclusion, this is a MUST READ book. Buy it, you can’t go wrong. Here you can find it at Amazon:

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