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Are You a Project Manager 2.0?

Recently we talked about Project Management 2.0 which is the intensive use of social media in Project Management and changing the way we manage projects.

But today’s topic is about your employment opportunities and career management as a Project Manager.

Over the last 20 years, we have gone to employment websites only for searching for jobs. We sent our CV and we applied for the jobs posted there. Well, this has dramatically changed.

Nowadays, not only do you search for jobs, but recruiters also search for you on the Internet to know:

  • Who you are.
  • Why they should call you about that job for which you applied.
  • Finding candidates for jobs for which you have not applied, but could also be in your interest.

The problem is that usually we only care about being a Project Manager 2.0 until we have lost our current job. The fact is that becoming a Project Manager 2.0 is a hard task that is better suited for working on it when we have work and to make profits when we will need it.

The current crisis has saturated the market with professionals demanding job opportunities, and one needs to make a difference if we want to have an opportunity. The idea of becoming a Project Manager 2.0 is demonstrating publicly through your capabilities, competencies and abilities. In this way, you will increase your employment opportunities in the near future.

As a result, your options will not only be focused on that recruiter who is reading your CV in a queue of more than 200 candidates. You need to be first in the line of highly-competent, trusted and reputed professionals when they search for a Project Manager position.

The best way for achieving our objective of becoming a Project Manager 2.0 (i.e. a Trusted and Reputed Professional) is by sharing your knowledge with the community and writing at

Here, you will be given the opportunity of demonstrating your real value as a Project Manager. Also, why not have the option of becoming one of our Top-Ten Project Managers or winning a PM Award. With our professional recognitions you can know and measure the real Impact of your contributions in the community.

As I previously said, it is better to start doing this when you have a job, because you will have more patience to get results and also a lot of ideas for writing based on your everyday situations as a Project Manager. In any case, it is always the right moment to start becoming a contributor at

And what happens if we only continue with our traditional methods of job searching? The fact is that your employment opportunities will be considerably less. This is the difference between being an active professional (a leader) or only being passive while waiting for those magic calls.

Our community is the right place for having encounters between recruiters searching for candidates as Project Managers and high-level professionals sharing their knowledge on a voluntary basis.

Turn a profit from it and become one of our Experts.

Are you a Project Manager 2.0?

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