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Project Management Jobs – What Are the Best Months for Getting Hired?

Project Management jobs is the topic of today’s article. Are your looking for Project Managers (as a recruiter) or a new opportunity (as a candidate), or are you always looking for both?

The season for finding Project Management jobs or for Job hunting abates during the Holidays as very few executives are available to formalize a full interview PROCESS.

Great opportunites in Project Management jobs will actually take until Early to Mid February before companies can ramp up full hiring protocols. Resumes review and acceptance, initial phone interviews, in-depth technical phone interviews and invite for in person half to full day interviews with 4-8 person hiring teams.

Now is the time to plan your interview and hiring strategies and your personal job search. As with all Processes the job hunt/hiring process is cyclical, with FEB, MAY, and SEPT leading each cycle.

But in the mean time, it is also a great idea getting Certificate and work your Personal Brand by contributing as a volunteer in professional communities (such as Because a Project Manager is a leader of change, you can never stop! Because in Hard Work we Trust! This definitely will increase your opportunities for finding Project Management jobs.

Here I let you two amazing motivational videos. Take care!

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