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Project Manager Job Description Research Reveals the Keys for Successful PM Careers!

A Project Manager Job Description Research has been delivered revelaing the keys for building a successful Project Management career.

Today we publish an interview with with Noel Radley, managing editor and researcher at Software Advice, a source for research and reviews of project management technology:

Q: What was the universe of your research on Project Manager Job Description?

A: After reading a recent PMI report that estimated 6.2 million new project management jobs will be created in the U.S. by 2020 (and 15.7 million globally!), we wanted to dive deeper into the current job market. We learned from the same report that the fastest growing markets are aerospace, healthcare and IT. In order to see what each sector required and how a project manager can best prepare themselves, we looked at 100 current job listings for each sector, and analyzed the data on Project Manager Job Description we found to determine what the ideal project manager candidate would look like to employers.

Q: What are the main conclusions from your research on on Project Manager Job Description? (PM future in industries, locations, offer vs demand, etc.)

A: The main conclusion from our research is that across the fastest growing sectors, PMP certification is highly desired, with 79 percent of job postings preferring or requiring the certification. Another conclusion was that certain sectors depend more on the credential of the PMP more than others. For example, IT project manager job listings more commonly listed a project management certification.

Q: Based on your research on Project Manager Job Description, what will be the new skills most demanded for the Project Managers in the next years?

A: While our research didn’t focus on reporting required job skills, we did commonly see requests for people with advanced skills in communication, risk management, as well as the ability to coordinate complex project objectives.

Q: Are there enough Project Managers for the current and future market demands?

A: This is a great question. In July, PMI reported that there are currently 618,933 certified professionals worldwide. If you compare that to their projected numbers for growth in this job market, one could deduce that, no, they’re aren’t going to be enough project managers. One might further deduce that project managers at the beginning of their careers will begin to have a greater number of opportunities. According to our research, the current aerospace project management job market only has 16 percent of listings for beginning project managers (with 0-3 years experience), while the IT and healthcare sectors and have slightly more opportunities with 31 percent and 40 percent respectively. Perhaps opportunities for newer PMs will increase as demand surpasses the current number of experienced project manager.

Q: Do you plan to do a periodic update of your report on Project Manager Job Description?

A: We think this would be great as a year-over-year report to chart the changes in the project management job market. We’ll definitely be looking for chances to fit another report into our editorial calendar for 2015!

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