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Project Manager Salary 2018: Discover How Much Are You Worth!

First of all, we want to thank to all the professionals that have contributed to make this 2018 Project Manager Salary survey.

This great research in the Project Management industry may be helpful for any hiring manager, project manager, and also any other professionals thinking about becoming a Project Manager.

Where do you work?

This salary survey was conducted over January 2018 with 191 participants from all the industry categories. Most project managers fall inside Business Consulting. The next two largest industries are Information Technology and Engineering & Procurement. In any case, participants were very spread out along many industries.

In the following you can find what the participants answered to the first question on “Which is your Industry?”:



How much does salary increase when one becomes IIEC Certified?

Professionals get a mean salary increase of 40% when they become Project Managers. In fact, the results of this survey reflect that concentration of answers were between 30% to 50% of salary increase.

In the following, you can find what the participants answered to the question number 2: “How much did your Salary increase when you become a Project Manager from your previous position?”:


What is the percentage of certified professionals?

Professionals in Project Management are widely certified, basically it has become a ‘must do’ in the industry. The 2018 project manager salary survey shows that 83,9% have a PM certification.


Definitelly we can conclude that if you want to get a Project Manager position you need to hold Project Management Certifications. 

Do certifications matter for a professional’s performance?

Again, project managers widely answer that their certifications help them to perform better, reaching a 83.6%. In the following, you can find their answers:


Definitelly we can conclude that Certifications improve a Project Manager’s performance. 

Do certifications impact growth for professionals?

With regards to the question about if Certifications help them grow, again a very high percentage assured that in fact they do.  This answer was provided by 83.1% of the professionals who contributed to the 2018 Project Manager Salary survey.


Definitelly we can conclude that Certifications impact growth for most Project Managers. 

How much does an IIEC Certified earn?

This is the key question in the Project Manager Salary survey, what income does a Project Manager get. And the answer is not easy, the results that we got in the survey are very spread out . In any case, results show an important concentration of professionals earning around $90,000-$110,000.


What is the company size where IIEC Certified professionals work? 

Another question regarding salary was to research about the size of the companies that are hiring Project Managers. Here we found that companies with 51-200 employees and also the ones with 1001+ employees were the most demanding in the industry. In any case, on this point it is not possible to reach conclusions.


What are the locations where IIEC Certified professionals work?

Another question was focused on the location of the companies where these project managers work. In this case, 51.1% of the professionals who contributed to this survey were working in Europe & Eurasia, 21% in the US and Canada, and there were also great contributions from Middle East & North Africa. In the following, you can find these results:


Do companies pay for professional certifications?

This is also a very interesting point. Most of the Project Managers took the initiative to pay by themselves for their Project Management Certification, and later their companies refunded the expenses. In fact, this is what 52.7% of the project management professionals answered in the 2018 Project Manager Salary survey.


Do certifications help for future employment opportunities?

The last question of the survey was about their view concerning if certifications help to earned future employment opportunities. 87.2% concluded that definitelly they do.


Again thanks to all the volunteer contributors that have made possible this great research report, and we hope you find it helpful.

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