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What Does Project Management Mean to Me –a Project Manager’s Sermon #pmFlashBlog

Being a Project Manager is one of the most exciting professions you can have. 

From the perspective of a Project Manager, the world can be managed as a set of projects, and this is just what I do in my everyday life.

Project Management is a life style (like being a priest). When you have acquired the knowledge required for applying the best practices, tools and techniques on Project Management, you can apply it to any part of your life: vacations, interests, family plans, education, writing a book, etc.

In fact, recently we have applied it to the new publication book that we are performing at the community, where the author (Kiran Pabbathi) has developed a Business Case for the book project.

Any new thing that I plan to do, if I really want to achieve my new objective, it managed as a project and has more possibilities to become a reality.

This way, I don’t have to ‘invent’ how to do it. I simply apply my Project Management knowledge and follow step-by-step the PM processes. It is very simple, because it is an everyday practice.

Then when I go to my job, it is also all very simple. I continue working in a Project Management approach for all the new things to be performed.

It doesn’t matter if it is an ‘implementation project’, a ‘proposal project’, an ‘event project’ or a ‘cooking project’. I can manage all these new challenges by applying Project Management. And in this way, everything becomes more simple to make things real.

By having the ability to make things happen, it also means having a great motivation to achieve new ones.

In my point of view, Project Management is a powerful knowledge for motivation (self-motivation and corporate motivation). 

If we see that we can manage difficult objectives and achieve them by using a PM structured framework such as ISO 21500 by taking The ISO 21500 Course, we can feel unstoppable and limitless!! Imagine how many new things we can do then!!

So in summary, in my point of view, Project Management is a practice for your entire life (personal and professional). It’s like having the ability to change the world.

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What does Project Management mean to you?

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