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Today I share with you the Seiton definition, which is a key concept of 5S included in Kaizen, Lean Management, and Six Sigma. To learn more about what is 5S Seiri, continue on!


What is 5S Seiton? (Seiton Definition)

5S Seiton is the second phase of your 5S execution program, 5S being a profoundly powerful lean assembling apparatus for making standard working practices and enhancing housekeeping to give some examples of the advantages of 5S.
Following on from 5S Seiri where we expelled the greater part of the messiness from your workspace; we currently take the rest of the things and set them all together inside the cell.

Purpose of 5S Seiton (Set in Order)

The reason for 5S Seiton is to discover a place for everything inside your working zone, everything ought to be situated as close as conceivable to where it is required and at an area that is both safe and effectively reached.
We are endeavoring to accomplish various things with this progression, we are attempting to guarantee that the work put is ergonomic; that is it ought to be orchestrated such that developments are limited and made as peaceful as could reasonably be expected. We are additionally attempting to guarantee security, something that ought to be guaranteed through the ergonomic work space yet merits specifying in its own right. We are likewise endeavoring to dispose of some of the seven squanders of lean by guaranteeing that we don’t experience defers searching for things, pausing thus on.

Implementing 5S Seiton

There are various methodologies you could take with actualizing Seiton, contingent upon the intricacy and size of your work space;

You could utilize spaghetti outlines to delineate your procedure, a straightforward illustration of the work put on which you attract a line to demonstrate every development, subsequently the name spaghetti chart as it frequently looks as though you have dropped a plate of spaghetti on the page. You at that point work to diminish and expel a portion of those bits of spaghetti.

My most loved is the making of straightforward stream graphs utilizing post it notes, watch the procedure through and through and compose each progression of the procedure in detail on singular post-its. These would then be able to be orchestrated on a divider or white board for the group to distinguish esteem including versus non-esteem including steps. This can be an extremely instruction process for all included. You at that point work through either wiping out or diminishing each non-esteem including venture by drawing things nearer, masterminding in a simple to discover position thus forth.

The other choice is to simply “pull out all the stops”, begin organizing things where the administrator of the procedure feels is the most agreeable position.

At the finish of this procedure everything ought to have a place and everything ought to be in its place. It ought to be evident what everything is and where it has a place; the utilization of shadow sheets, clear distinguishing proof, floor stamping and other visual instruments, for example, shading coding ought to be used.

Items will be found where required, with things like devices at one level, to empower simplicity of development, drills and drivers suspended from above for convenience, parts masterminded in tote receptacles or sustained from the back of work station etc.

Runners, Repeaters, Strangers

It merits raising the standards of sprinters, repeaters and outsiders while sorting out your working environment. This is a simple method to characterize your segments, tooling and different things as indicated by usage;

  • Runners; Utilized on an every day basis.
  • Repeaters; Utilized weekly
  • Strangers; Utilized month to month or less frequently

By utilizing this investigation you can compose premium space for things, for example, your tooling, masterminding the sprinters nearest as these are the most usually utilized, at that point the repeaters, and outsiders being left to last to take up any outstanding space or even in storage.

Visual Management

Because you have a reasonable arrangement of areas characterized and are utilizing things like shadow loads up and “impressions” to indicate where segments enter and leave a phone; it is anything but difficult to see with a look on the off chance that anything is missing or anything is wrong.

A heap of stock not inside its impression can demonstrate to you that there is an issue in the phone causing a development of stock that can’t be prepared, or void zones can let you know of disappointments in past processes.

What’s Next After 5S Seiton?

Now that you have finished the initial two phases (5S Seiri and 5S Seiton) the time has come to move onto the following stage 5S Seiso (Sweep, sparkle, Scour, Clean and Check) where you will impel a full tidy up of the working territory took after by 5S Seiketsu (Standardize, balance out, Similarity) where you will guarantee that you have standard tasks with the goal that everybody directs the procedure in the most effective way. After this 5S Shitsuke (Sustain, self-control, custom and practice) will assist you with keeping the energy going and persistently enhance what you have achieved.

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