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My Experience Gained with The ISO 21500 International Project Management Workshop

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My Experience Gained with the ISO 21500 International Project Management Workshop. In this article I share my experience gained in The ISO 21500 International Project Management Workshop, leading to the credential of Certified Project Manager in ISO 21500 by, and accredited by the US-based International Institute of Executive Careers (IIEC).

The course adopted the technique of reflective learning to create and clarify understanding of ISO 21500 terminology and concepts.  Practical application ISO 21500 International Project Management was explained through discussion and analysis of a case study (McMillin).  The course was highly interactive and there were many opportunities for participants to contribute using the reflective learning process. The knowledge I gained from the course can be readily applied by my Company (T3PM Group) in its offering of business services, project services and asset operation services on a global canvass by using a common language for project management concepts, improved sharing of key resources and best practices.

Other key points which I picked-up and was of great interest to me were:

  • The ISO 21500 International Project Management standard development took nearly 5 years of collaborative effort involving over 30 countries, many national and international project management associations and professional bodies. The effort has improved ownership and application world-wide.
  • The ISO 21500 International Project Management link between organization environment and project environment is better reinforced resulting in improved stakeholder and end-user involvement. This is of strong interest to many of our Customers and it will result not only in a better understanding of the impact of the organization environment on projects and but also identify potential for ‘project environments’ to positively influence organization as part of continuous improvement process. This in turn would strengthen links through integration with ISO 9001 and create future formal certification and best practice processes.
  • Application of ISO 21500 International Project Management standard will encourage Global Companies to further invest in international projects, improve support from banks and lenders on the assurance that reliable and consistent project management processes and principles will produce consistent, reliable and high quality project outcomes.
  • The joint discussions also reinforced my own belief that even though Projects and associated Subject Groups are temporary in nature, the “Quality” Subject Group will continue to live beyond the project close-out, reinforcing the need for higher degree of effort in planning quality and performing quality assurance and quality controls so that the quality of the final product delights the customer.
  • ISO 21500 International Project Management standard focuses on stakeholder identification during the Project Initiation stage and managing stakeholders during the implementation stage has a significant influence on the ultimate success of the project.

My Company, T3PM Group partners with global clients to explore, secure and develop investment opportunities, business improvements and deliver complex projects and programs.  Consistent and proper application of ISO 21500 International Project Management will immensely help our Clients to improve governance, create high performing teams to deliver smart infrastructure in harmony with the community needs and expectations.