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My Learning on the ISO 21500 Process Groups

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My Learning on the ISO 21500 Process Groups. The “Process Groups” is a relevant topic in the field of project management, and holds a very prominent role in the filed as well. It is a realistic concept that plays a vital role in determining the success of a project and helps the proper coordination of the project.

It could be further defined as the groups that houses the processes that are required to be justified before a project could be successful.

We have the Process Groups as follows: Initiating, Planning, Implementing, Controlling and Closing. These five Process Groups are very essential and should be taken with seriousness and considered for any given project.

Below is my little understanding on How the Process groups works in practice and how I personally would apply them for the projects I am really coming up with.

In Initiating we have the initial activities that need to be done before the real project planning is done such as the formal authorization of the project by the sponsor, the initial definition of the scope, and the identification of the stakeholders.

In Planning, the real project plans are done, alongside the establishment of the full project scope and the project documents. All these and many more are developed here.

Implementing is where the planned documents are carefully executed. This is where the deliverables are created, while the project manager coordinates the resources.

In Controlling, the project manager tracks, reviews and regulates the progress and the performance of the project.

Finally in Closing, the project manager formally close the project, by archiving the project records and closing contracts, while the lesson learned are archived so as to prevent the problems of failures in subsequent projects.

With my knowledge of the above mentioned and the training for the past few days, I believe that I have a great role to play in the Project Management Industry.

I have already started practicing the application of the Process Groups in my day to day life. I try to put them into practice to the best of my ability not only in my little work place but also in the community group where I belong, where little projects are involved (Project such as Celebrations, Social Outing, Excursion, Building and so on). Although, before now I already love the Project Management and love to advance my career in the field of project management.

I have been working hard towards coming up with a Magazine, that would help foster the Educational growth of human persons. The magazine is really centered on everything that is necessary as far as education is concerned. With the present knowledge on the Process Groups, I think and I know vividly well that it will just be very easy for me to justify and complete successfully. I intend using it as a starting point to practice this great aspect of the project management knowledge.

Although, I actually have a book which is still on the course for formally approval, after which the luncheon would be planned. I will also use it as a tool for analyzing my strength on the process groups. At least it is clear that there are five process groups, and ten subject groups which in turn have 39 processes.

These makes the channel very easy for me to successfully run the projects mentioned above. Bearing in mind also that Initiation must always come before planning, while Implementing follows, before controlling and then Closing comes up. Then Iterating, this is done in project when necessary and makes the process group circle goes back and forth again, although not formally part of the process groups.

I believe that I will do well in the Project Management Industry. I really did enjoy the lessons presented and sincerely thank my Coach Angel Berniz the ProjectManagers.Org director for all his effort and assistance. The knowledge and the practice acquired from this training so far would go a long way for me in my career in life.

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