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Expanding Horizons in Project Management with ISO 21500

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Expanding Horizons in Project Management with ISO 21500. Over the numerous projects that we are involved in our professional careers, we all experience situations which make us reflect on decisions, business opportunities, improvement process and other essential elements that lead to successful projects.

As our experience level increase and as we get engaged with more complex projects, we also need to respond to a higher stakeholder pressure. Therefore, to ensure the project continuity and to attract more sponsors, it is vital to keep stakeholders satisfied.

In the face of the numerous challenges that confront us every day, which often push us to the limit, we need to keep focused on the desired goal, process organization, scope definition, implementation and monitoring activities and other actions directed toward the project management.

ISO 21500 is an international standard for project management and an extremely valuable guidance for professionals who aim to comprehend the key steps included in the execution of a project and the achievement of significant results, overcoming potential adversities.

The performance of the points presented in this article along with others international project management standards available in the market can promote competent management, regardless of the complexity level of the projects or how many human resources professionals are involved in it.

Because it is a high-level standard, there is a growing interest in ISO 21500, not only by project managers, but also by other team members and companies.

I therefore strongly recommend learning and applying ISO 21500, firstly in project teams and then extending to their respective companies, if possible.

Finally, I would like to highlight the material that ProjectManagers.Org offers, enabling reflection and clear understanding of the ISO 21500 and project management in a holistic approach.

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