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ISO 21500 Project Management – Where’s the ‘Management’ in the Subject Groups?

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ISO 21500 Project Management – Where’s the ‘Management’ in the Subject Groups?. ISO 21500 is the International Standard for Project Management. The denomination for the ISO 21500 subject groups does not contain the ‘Management’ word. Why? Was it a matter of economy or was it a deeper reason?

The truth is that in ISO 21500 there are three different project plans:

  1. The Project Plan covers the project baselines: what should be achieved by the project in separate subjects like Scope, Time, Cost and any other.
  2. The Project Management Plan covers all the project management processes; The roles, responsibilities, organization and procedures for the management of risk, issues, change control, schedule, costs, communications, configuration management, quality, health, environment, safety and other items as needed.
  3. The third type of plans are Subsidiary Plans, such as a Risk Management Plan or a Quality Management Plan.

Due to this fact, we can conclude that the Management word in ISO 21500 is reserved for the processes (the project management processes), but not for the Subject Groups.

Do you like this new nomenclature without Management?