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ISO 21500 Project Management Body of Knowledge – My Experience!

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ISO 21500 Project Management Body of Knowledge – My Experience! ISO 21500 is a Project Management body of knowledge. In this article I will share my experience as a Certified Project Manager in ISO 21500 by ProjectManagers.Org, gained in The ISO 21500 Workshop.

As a project management consultant I often work with clients from automotive / manufacturing that follow a certain hands-on approach.

Although, some may argue with me about this, I experienced that trying to apply ‘full-blown’ PM for such kinds of customers often is just not the right way. Instead of confronting them with all the methods, techniques, and tools included in PRINCE2 (Projects in Controlled Environments) or the PMBOK (PMI Project Management Body of Knowledge) I usually try to start with PM basics and bring in all the details one step at a time.

ISO 21500 project management body of knowlege has exactly the right breadth and depth to provide such clients an overview of what PM really is about and give them an idea of the benefits. I think it is important to make the people at my clients that are going to use it as comfortable as possible with it.

I have seen my share of consultants that provide an all-encompassing framework based on the latest research and theories without taking the users into account. In most cases it was just another set of slide decks gathering information-technological dust in a document management system.

In contrast, I want to create a lasting beneficial effect at my customers helping to improve their PM capabilities and project success rates. Being able to give leeway definitely helps in this regard.

Therefore, as ISO 21500 project management body of knowlege is not as a tight framework as PRINCE2 for example, I easily can use it as a foundation to help my clients finding their own ‘standard’ best suited for their purposes.

So, on one hand, I will use it as a kind of ice-breaker for people new to all the facets of PM, e.g. through management overview sessions and staff trainings. On the other hand, this provides me with the mandatory cornerstones to build and establish tailored PM processes, tools, and templates.