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Stakeholder Management Based on ISO 21500

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Stakeholder Management based on ISO 21500. Stakeholder Management is covered in the ISO 21500, the International Standard for Project Management. The truth is that in ISO 21500 there isn’t a Stakeholder Management Plan in itself.
In the Initiating Process Group, that is in the initial phase of a project, there is the “Identify Stakeholders” process. But later in the Planning Process Group, that is in the planning phase of a project, we can find processes in each of the Subject Groups unless it is at the Stakeholder Management. In ISO 21500, the Planning process group concludes with three plans:

  • The Project Management Plan, that describes project baselines: what should be achieved by the project in separate subjects like Scope, Time, Cost and any other.
  • The Subsidiary Plans, such as a Risk Management Plan or Quality Management Plan.
  • The Project Management Plan, that describes project management processes.

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So, if there is no Stakeholders’ process in the Planning process group, that means that there isn’t a specific Stakeholder Management Plan.

The only activities performed with regards to Stakeholders before Implementing are the ones included in “Identify Stakeholders”. The detail of those activities are those that follow:

“The purpose of Identify stakeholders is to determine the individuals, groups or organizations impacted by or impacting the project and to document relevant information regarding their interest and involvement.”

The output of “Identify Stakeholders” process is the Stakeholder Register. Of course, any Project Manager should take care of this document, because it contains very sensitive information.

On the other hand, with regards to the Communications Plan, the ISO 21500 states:

“The purpose of Plan communications is to determine the information and communication needs of the project stakeholders.”

“Factors for project success include identification of the information needs of the stakeholders and any mandated information needs, for example, government or regulatory, and determining a suitable means of meeting those needs.”

In conclusion, in ISO 21500 the Stakeholders Management Plan is absorbed into the Communications Plan. But probably, it is not enough, because the “Plan Communications” process only focuses on “information expectations” but not other details regarding the Stakeholders that could also be managed to a successful end of the project.

What’s your opinion about not having a Stakeholder Management Plan?

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