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Today I share with you the Muri definition, which is a key concept of Kaizen and the Toyota Production System. To learn more about what is Muri, continue on!


What is Muri?

Muri (English: Overburden): Eliminating overburden of hardware and individuals is one of the fundamental standards of the In the nick of time framework, the primary mainstay of the Toyota Generation Framework. To stay away from overburden, generation is uniformly disseminated in the gathering processes.

It is the second of three kinds of waste featured inside the Toyota Creation Framework, requiring the adjusting of assembling pace to permit individuals adequate time to accomplish the right standard of work. A diminished time allotment will be excessively difficult, making it impossible to accomplish the goal, while the permitting of an excess of time is a misuse of resource.

(Related: Takt Time [derived from German word Taktzeit, or ‘cycle time’] — coordinating the pace of creation with client request and the accessible work time).

Mura implies unevenness (anomaly or inconstancy). Wiping out unevenness or abnormalities in the creation procedure is one of the primary standards of the In the nick of time framework, the principle mainstay of the Toyota Generation System.

An Video: Understanding Lean with Muda, Muri, Mura

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