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Today I share with you the Andon definition, which is a key concept of Six Sigma, Kaizen, and the Toyota Production System. To learn more about what is Andon, continue on!

What is Andon?

Andons is a visual as well as capable of being heard correspondence framework that informs everybody of variations from the norm in a procedure when support or consideration is required. This can be activated naturally or physically by a machine or person.

Every Toyota part is seen as a specialist in their field and every last one is allowed to stop the creation line on the off chance that they spot something they see to be a danger to vehicle quality – and they do as such by utilizing the Andon cable.

Andon (English: ‘Sign’ or ‘Signal’) can be described as a visual guide that features where activity is required. It is a common apparatus in applying the Jidoka, or ‘autonomation’, principle, which implies featuring an issue as it happens so as to promptly countermeasure the issue and forestall re-occurrence

Originating from the word for a paper lantern, Andon is a term that alludes to a lit up flag advising others of an issue inside the quality-control or creation streams.

Activation of the caution – for the most part by a force harmony or catch – consequently ends generation with the goal that an answer can be found. The notice lights are joined into an effectively obvious, overhead billboard (or Kanban), which additionally distinguishes the region or particular workstation that has the issue. The recurrence and nature of these periodic issues are investigated as a major aspect of Toyota’s program of constant change (Kaizen).

The Andon link is a piece of the Jidoka manufacturing system.

How we use Andon to ensure world class quality in Ensto

Toyota Andon concept MotoMachi factory, Japan

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